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Coal Stove Pictures has produced numerous TV & Film Projects. Hear ME Move ™️, iKani, GUILT, Cash & Carry and the SATFA Nominated Series Thula’s Vine to name a few. Coal Stove is currently in development and production of their National Film And Video Foundation Feature Film slate. Wherein Coal Stove will produce three (3) Feature Films and develop nine (9) High-End Television and Feature Film scripts.

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Hear 2 Move (FEATURE FILM)

The sequel to the smash hit Hear ME Move (TM) . What if a disgruntled street dancer with a checked history teams up with a classically trained musician and they head to Lagos, Nigeria in search of riches, adventure and an escape from their pasts.


A Touching tale of a mathematical genius, living in a small mining town that discovers a new form of rocket fuel that takes him to the stars.


When a selfish architect gets magically sucked into his ex-girlfriend’s diary, he is forced to relive their relationship from her point of view.


When the director of a research institute goes missing during the excavation of a newly discovered grave in Mapungubwe, a reserved curator and the director’s charismatic daughter go on a search to find him but soon discover that important ancient artefacts were stolen by a megalomaniac professor, unaware that his greedy behaviour will turn the ancestor’s wrath against him.


Our unique screenplay writing and extensive development system keeps us ahead of the curve by ensuring a constant flow of fresh ideas that is fully scalable.

The value that this pipeline brings to working with us is that we have the ability to crystalize the emotion behind an idea or a client’s corporate message and encapsulate that within a story that connects with your audience.

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